Start your next remodel in 30 seconds at half the cost.
Yah, we just made home remodeling that easy. Read below to find out how.
How it Works
A digital contractor in your pocket, automating design, product selection, scheduling and construction.

Use Your Location to Load Your Floor Plan

We do the heavy lifting.

Your home is automatically loaded onto your device based on your location or simply by putting in your home's address.
Floor plan not in our database? Call us direct for a free measurement in as little as 24 hours.

Automated Design and Product List

All the products you need, one click away.

Load your 3D floorplan with a tailor fit design based on popular trends and nearby neighborhood remodels, complete with a price and schedule.

We're a General Contractor

Schedule your remodel with us.

Schedule trades around your busy life and get notifications straight to your phone when work is done and payments are due.

We Save you Time and Money
On time and on budget is not a cliche around here, it's our obsession.
Free Floorplans
3D Floorplans of your house are already in our database, or we'll create yours for free.
Automated Product List
Designs are automated based on neighborhood trends saving you $1,000's in designer fees.
Order & Schedule
Scheduling and payment are handled through the app, keeping our overhead down.
Time Saver
Save frustration and get to the cost and timing of your remodel in as little as 30 seconds.

Our Remodels are up to Half the Cost of a Regular General Contractor!

Where does all of that money go anyways?

Click below to find out how much a General Contractor marks up your remodel and how Punchlyst saves you up to 50%.

Never wonder how much your remodel costs again

An automated product list created from your personal style is shown in 3D with accurate measurements, which means you don't have to guess how much to order and most importantly how much your remodel costs.

Real Products
Accurate Quantities
Labor Prices
Scaled 3D Model
Complete Product List
Precise Dimensions

Stop guessing how long you’ll live in construction

Simply order all of your materials with the click of a button, and a schedule of trades is automatically created based on product delivery and your preferneces of when you're ready to start your remodel.

Seamless in-app experience

Designed with you in mind.

Punchlyst was created to make sure you don't ever have to second guess what your d. Our aim is to make your remodel predictable, affordable and fun!

The Team
HGTV has nothing on our passion for remodeling.
Joseph Harrington
Over 10 years of remodeling from design to project management.
Alex Drennen
Lead Developer
Full stack developer, eats lines of code for breakfast.
Stephen Villabona
Business Development
Real estate investor mogul…possible next president?
Jerry Ziadat
Marketing Director
Over 10 years of remodeling from design to project management.
Some things we’re doing to get the word out.
Start Up Weekend'16
1st place winner of Tech Stars Startup Weekend in Tempe, AZ
Venture Madness
Semi finalists in Invest Southwest competition
Glowing Minds
1 of 5 contendors in ASU’s consumer product competition
Network of Trades
Reaching out to hundreds of trades to join our labor pool
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